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IBAA supports businesses to successfully expand into global market.
We will benefit your company by providing a full spectrum of global commerce, investment, and import/export compliance consulting & cooperation business.


Global Business Specialist

12 years experience

business Partner

– Attracts investment by discovering excellent
   projects and partners
– Creates brand by developing self-distribution,
   excellent products, and commercialization
   based on the basic revenue structure
– Provides reliable services by ensuring a global
   distribution network (international agents)

Trade practice partnerships

74 countries, 156 partners


CEO. Linda Nguyen

Kim Vuong export import

15 years experience


CEO. Grigoriy Gvozdev

Mercurius M

21 years experience


CEO. Edgar Cayuelas


20 years experience


CEO. Park In Hoe

ShinWon GiSool co., ltd.

34 years experience

How does it contact & work?


Send to email or Contact online
kakao Talk: ID ( 성공ibaa47 )


Receipt and Classified Expert

NDA and online pre meeting to determine whether to proceed

Dr. Myeong Suk LEE



IBAA Data mining and official discussing

Discuss the needs for business cooperation and progress.


Business Corporate Agreement

Contract to proceed with full-scale business

Our expert Member & Team

"Transportation and customs clearance are also important the production or supply contracts. Our transportation team is always ready to project!"

Julia LEE

"In any business & project confidentiality is important. The long-term success of your business depends on protecting the security of your confidential information."

Edward HONG

"Thorough management of product manufacturer is our team's business belief centered on trust with our customers."

Sao Sang

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As an investing partner in your business, we will take responsibility for the success of your & our business.

To avail trade operational services, businesses typically need to disclose sensitive business information to service providers. Despite having confidentiality agreements in place, there’s no guarantee that trade secrets will remain protected. IBAA operates not only under strict confidentiality agreements but also offers a service assurance mechanism. Additionally, depending on the business, we may even engage in joint investments, a testament to our commitment to safeguarding business confidentiality.

IBAA primarily handles all aspects of trade operations between companies across borders, including production, inspection, transportation, customs clearance, certification, and shipping, as well as marketing activities such as import/export, trade shows, and client prospecting. We also offer services related to software development (e-commerce platforms, management software, etc.) and payment security.

Yes, it’s possible. However, for continued assurance services, it’s advisable to engage in comprehensive discussions regarding all aspects of the business. Furthermore, there may be instances where trade assurance services cannot be provided.

Absolutely. If the business meets practical criteria and enters into a cooperation agreement with IBAA, it may receive investments beyond what traditional financial institutions provide, surpassing regulatory support conditions.

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