Project Assurance

Project Assurance is an independent process that assesses the health and viability of a project. It is designed to provide you and executive management with a clear sense of whether a project will accomplish its objectives and if there are significant risks.

The objectives of a project assurance function can include:

  • Assessing the risks and strengths of new or existing projects
  • Ensuring known requirements for project success are present skills, processes, structures, and culture
  • Providing unbiased, independent evaluation of the project’s prospects for success
  • Keeping you firmly in control as the project matures
  • Working closely with project team stakeholders to ensure that risks are collected, prioritized, and mitigated.

Increasingly, organizations are looking to drive greater commercial outcomes from their commercial arrangements. This has never been more important than the present. Many are facing complex and ever-changing contractual landscapes, with the costs and consequences of poor contractual performance greater than ever.

Our experience shows that project success rates increase when a project assurance function has been utilized. How you chose to implement a project assurance function, and how you align it with other functions in your organization and project team will greatly influence the type and independence of the information it produces.

Contract Assurance

What you need to know about assurance contracts.

This contract agreement is for every single deal for international projects with both parties.

So for example, even if you don’t know the import procedure according to the contract for importing the product, we guarantee the contract. If this target is met, then the assurance contract action goes ahead.

If not, then the parties involved are not bound to carry out the action and any payment that has already been made will be refunded.

Contract Assurance

Increasingly, organizations are looking to drive greater commercial outcomes from their commercial arrangements.

This has never been more important than the present. Many are facing complex and ever-changing contractual landscapes, with the costs and consequences of poor contractual performance greater than ever.

IBAA provides Assurance services based on project data accumulated over a long period of time for project success.

Trade Asurance

Global Trade Assurance offers contract review and transaction verification services to enterprises engaged in international trade, ensuring the reliability and stability of their transactions. Our team of experts, with extensive knowledge and experience across various industry sectors, supports our clients in successfully completing their trade deals.

Contract Review:
Thorough review of all transaction documents and contracts to identify legal risks and potential dispute elements in advance.

Transaction Conditions Verification:
Verification of the transaction terms and regulations to ensure compliance with trade laws and international regulations.

Trade Guarantee Service:
Offering trade guarantee services when necessary to ensure the successful completion of transactions.

Customized Solutions:
Providing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients, securing optimal transaction conditions.

Target Customers:
All enterprises conducting overseas trade transactions

Global Trade Assurance aims to support our clients in conducting their international trade transactions in a stable and trustworthy manner, lowering the barriers to international trade and increasing the success rate of transactions

Payment Assurance

Global Payment Assure is a company that provides services to ensure the safety and reliability of international trade transactions. To minimize various risks that may arise during trade transactions with overseas companies and to secure the transparency of transactions, we offer contract and transaction verification services. Through our services, clients can verify the information and experience of the trading company and receive a guarantee for the payment through the use of an international trade verification system.

Services Offered:

1.Contract and Transaction Verification: We thoroughly review and verify contracts and transaction facts with overseas trading companies.

2.Information and Experience Verification: We verify the reliability and experience of the trading company from multiple perspectives.

3.International Trade Verification System: We guarantee the safety of transactions through an international trade verification system based on the latest technology.

4.Payment Guarantee: After verifying that the transaction has been successfully completed, we provide a payment guarantee service.

Target Customers:

  • Small and large enterprises conducting overseas transactions
  • Companies seeking to minimize the risks of international trade transactions

Vision and Goals:

Global Payment Assure aims to provide the best service to our customers by prioritizing the safety and reliability of international trade transactions. We strive to reduce the complexity and risks of international trade and contribute to increasing the transparency and reliability of transactions.

Production Assurance

IBAA ensures the production of goods according to meticulously planned schedules and budgets. With a wealth of experience accumulated over time and a collaborative effort involving technical and managerial experts, we consistently achieve optimal production outcomes. Our focus lies not merely in contractual delivery or sales agreements, but in the very production of the goods themselves, which forms the core of our commitments.

   IBAA meticulously adheres to planned production schedules and budgets. We prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness to ensure optimal resource allocation and timely delivery of goods.

   IBAA leverages the collective expertise of technical and managerial professionals, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Our multidisciplinary teams work together to overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results.

We operate with a commitment to excellence, leveraging our expertise and dedication to uphold stringent production schedules and budgets. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and fostering continuous improvement, we aim to solidify closer partnerships with our clients. With IBAA, you can trust in a stable and reliable production partner, ready to meet your needs with unwavering dedication.

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