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About Us

IBAA possess specialized knowledge and extensive experience in complex processes such as export/import and overseas purchasing. This enables customers to efficiently handle transactions.

Our team help minimize risks associated with transactions, offering protection against unforeseen issues.

Business Agency

We handle the practical tasks involved in exporting or importing goods. Our agency services encompass tasks such as tariff calculation for export, including tax refund, payment processing, credit card agency, and issuing purchase confirmation letters. For imports, we manage tasks such as product certification, inspection, and tax calculation.
Export/Import Agency Services
We act as intermediaries to ensure safe manufacturing and purchasing overseas by handling tasks such as product inspection, quality control, and repackaging. Additionally, we offer proxy payment services for secure transactions.
Overseas Purchasing Agency
We facilitate the importation of products legitimately produced and paid for abroad into markets where the right to use trademarks is restricted. Recognizing the potential benefits, customs authorities actively support parallel importation as it is expected to reduce the prices of imported goods excessively. We provide importation services for parallel goods.
Parallel Importation

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